Creator Megan Boni, who goes by the username Girl On Couch on Tik Tok was a regular 26-year-old working in sales and making funny videos during her downtime. That was until her satirical song ‘I’m looking for a man in finance’ went viral and turned her life upside down. 

“I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, six-five, blue eyes.” 

It started off as a TikTok video but soon turned into a viral trend, and a viral song, now being dubbed by some as the song of the summer. 

She says the song was meant to be a parody of the concept of the ideal man and those with a laundry list of requirements for potential partners. 

“I wanted to initially make a video of me being like, I feel like it's not that hard. Like all I'm looking for is a man in finance, with a trust fund, who's 6'5", with blue eyes. And then I was like, wait, that kind of sounds good together. And then I was like, I should just sing it a little bit.” 

Her original video has since been remixed by several music producers, including David Guetta, Alesso, Loud Luxury and Billen Ted.

When asked if she would be receiving a portion of the proceeds from the songs, Boni said she has “signed royalty deals [and] a publishing deal is in the works, so that's where I'm getting some money from,” She said. “Because it's grown my following so much, I'm also able to do brand deals [so] that's another form of income for me.”

Despite being the creative force behind the earworm of the summer, she has no plans to launch a music career of her own. “I have never wanted to be a pop star,” she said. “I had offers from record labels, they wanted to sign me -- I don't know what makes them think I can write based off of those four lines, but I had to decline.” 

She has sought out talent representation, hired a lawyer, business advisors and opened an LLC, expressing interest in pivoting to acting and comedy. 

All that from a comedic TikTok video with some catchy lyrics.