(Bloomberg) -- Malaysia Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said all parties in his unity government will work together in the state elections, a sign of further support for Anwar who solidified power with a confidence vote victory in December.

The unity government secretariat, which held its first meeting Tuesday night, agreed to form three committees, including one that will focus on the state polls that must be held this year, Bernama and other local media reported. 

The election committee will also focus on the distribution of seats “to ensure a strong and united foundation between parties, including Sabah and Sarawak,” Bernama cited Anwar as saying. The other committees will deal with strategic communications and the monitoring of the government and political agenda.

Six states need to hold local elections upon expiry of their legislative assemblies and some state leaders have proposed that the polls be held in May or June, after Hari Raya festival celebrations, according to local media. While the polls have no direct bearing on the composition of parliament, they will be a measure of Anwar’s popularity among the public.

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