(Bloomberg) -- Denmark is likely to meet its short-term climate goal and is also edging closer to achieving a 2030 target after new data significantly lowered the Nordic nation’s emissions reduction need, according a government watchdog.

Updated estimates on carbon-rich soils give Denmark “good chances” of reaching the lower limit of its 2025 target to cut emissions by 50-54% from 1990 levels, the Danish Council on Climate Change said in its annual status report on Thursday.

Denmark is also closer to reaching its 70% emissions reduction goal by the end of the decade, with its carbon budget now only requiring additional savings of 2.6 million tons of CO2, it said. It comes as the government is reviewing an expert group proposal for a carbon tax on agricultural production intended to close this gap.

Still, the watchdog concluded there’s a risk the government won’t succeed in reaching its 2030 goal solely based on its current plan, especially as the strategy to tax agriculture is “extremely risky” due to conflicting political interests.

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