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Tucker on Twitter

Tucker Carlson debuted his first episode on Twitter Tuesday after being fired by Fox News. He began his 10-minute episode speaking about the destruction of Ukraine’s Kakhovka dam and the ongoing war.


Christie in the Mix

Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey and 2016 presidential candidate, has entered the 2024 race amid a growing field of Republican candidates. Christie, 60, is likely to add a strong anti-Trump voice to a Republican primary race that has until recently showed deference to the former president and party standard-bearer.

Smoky Yankees

The New York Yankees hosted the Chicago White Sox yesterday despite New York City topping the list of the world’s worst air pollution for parts of Tuesday as harmful smoke blew south from more than a hundred wildfires burning in Quebec, CNN reported. The Yankees fell short losing 2-3 to the White Sox.

Pope’s Surgery

Pope Francis will undergo abdominal surgery to treat an intestinal blockage, the Associated Press reported. The Vatican said Francis, 86, would be put under general anesthesia for the procedure Wednesday afternoon and would be hospitalized at Rome’s Gemelli hospital for several days.

NYC Sues Hyundai, Kia

New York City sued Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Corp., accusing the South Korean automakers of negligence and creating a public nuisance by selling vehicles that are too easy to steal, Reuters reported. Other cities that have sued the automakers include Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, San Diego and Seattle.

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