As spring arrives, many Canadians are re-evaluating their current job satisfaction, according to a new survey by Robert Half, a human resources consulting firm.

The research found that 44 per cent of Canadian employees surveyed are dissatisfied with their jobs and looking for ways to improve their careers going into the summer.

When asked what it would take to feel “re-energized” in their workplace, 67 per cent cited hopes of a bonus or raise, and 40 per cent called for opportunities for career advancement with their current employer.

Aside from promotions and pay increases, 28 per cent of respondents said that “trainings to acquire new skills” would re-energize them at work, according to Robert Half.

Of the 609 professionals surveyed throughout Canada, 15 per cent of them reported that they are actively seeking a new job opportunity, the survey concluded.

The research also focused on career impact ambitions, with 32 per cent of respondents aiming for a promotion and 24 per cent hoping to be trusted with more significant responsibilities among their teammates.

In a blog post on the Robert Half website, the firm wrote that “taking pride in the work you do gives you drive to achieve and exceed goals, another quality desired by employers across all industries.”

The blog added that career pivots are a feasible way to find more meaning at work.

“Being happy and enthused about your work is key to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing,” the blog post explained.


These findings are based on an online survey of 609 Canadian professionals developed by Robert Half and conducted by an independent research firm, fielded March 4-11, 2024.