(Bloomberg) -- The UK named television industry veteran Samir Shah as its preferred candidate to chair the century-old British Broadcasting Corp.

Shah, 71, who was previously a director on the BBC’s board and has held roles at the corporation leading political and current affairs television, was announced as the government’s pick by Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer on Wednesday. He’s currently chief executive officer of British production company Juniper Communications. 

He will take over from Richard Sharp, who resigned after an official inquiry found Sharp breached rules by failing to fully disclose ties to the UK’s Conservative Party leadership. Shah will now sit for a hearing in front of a panel of MPs before the appointment can be made official.

The corporation is funded by a £159 ($200) annual levy, which it sets with the government, on everyone in Britain who watches live television or uses the BBC’s on-demand streaming service. The BBC has had to compete with deep-pocketed US streaming companies while being forced to make cuts as it contends with a license fee that’s been held flat in recent years. 

Shah’s appointment was previously reported by the Financial Times.

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