(Bloomberg) -- This week, China’s stock boil blew up the quants, the Nikkei made it back to where it was 34 years ago, the US made it back to where it was 42 years ago, and Nvidia did what Nvidia does, only more so. Here’s what could happen next.

An eight-day rally—the longest since 2020—lifted a key Chinese index 10% above the five-year low recorded earlier this month. So why are investors still cautious? Across the sea, investors have few such qualms about record-breaking Japanese stocks.

Global equities were lifted by a single stock. Our new BFF Nvidia raised all boats after declaring AI had reached a tipping point, spreading joy to investors everywhere. Except short-sellers, who lost $3 billion. This is the chip that made it all possible.

Jensen Huang’s Nvidia has also joined Jeff Bezos and Microsoft in funding a startup that’s developing humanoid robots.

Looking for nosebleed yields? Join the retail investors jumping into the crazy market for option-income ETFs. 

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. officially opens its “nightless castle” today, the Kumamoto fab in Japan, another sign of a new technological dawn in the land of the rising sun.

No mayday call, no known flight path and no wreckage — Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappeared 10 years ago and remains modern aviation’s biggest mystery. With the earth now covered by thousands of communications satellites, the tragedy need never happen again. Yet it could. 

While the Bermuda Triangle is infamous for swallowing ships, the Miami triangle is luring billionaires.

The American-made lander that brought the US back to the moon for the first time since the Apollo missions may have landed on its side.

Americans working from home are facing an irritating truth: If you want to make more than $200,000, get back to the office.

Would you fork out $350,000 for a car? That’s not to buy it mind you, just to service it. This is the cost of riding in the Valkyrie.

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