Canada Post has temporarily halted mail delivery service in Nova Scotia as the province recovers from devastating flooding.

The province saw 250 millimetres of heavy rainfall over the weekend, washing out roads and damaging homes. The floodwaters had largely receded as of Monday, but the province was still under a state of emergency.

On Monday, Canada Post issued a red alert for the entire province, meaning it is “suspending delivery and not sending our delivery agents out.”  There was no timeline for when service would be restored.

“Canada Post continues to assess the situation and options to best serve the people of Nova Scotia and keep them connected,” the agency wrote in a statement. “As we do that, the safety of our employees is our number one priority.” 

“We thank all Nova Scotians for their patience during this difficult period for the province. We will continue to provide updates as the situation evolves,” the Crown corporation continued.

Canada Post’s other red alerts in Canada are due to poor air quality from wildfires in Radisson and Eastmain, Que.

For any questions, Nova Scotians are advised to check the Delivery service alerts webpage or contact Customer Service.