(Bloomberg) -- Sudan is summoning Ethiopia’s ambassador after accusing its army of killing seven Sudanese soldiers and a civilian, the latest escalation in a simmering feud between the Horn of Africa’s most populous countries.

The Foreign Ministry said Monday that Ethiopian forces abducted the people from Sudanese territory on June 22 before killing them in Ethiopia. Sudan will present a complaint to the United Nations Security Council and is recalling its ambassador to Ethiopia for consultations, it said.

Ethiopian officials didn’t immediately comment on the claims. Sudan didn’t give a location for the incident and it wasn’t possible to immediately independently verify the allegation.

Sudanese and Ethiopian forces have clashed in the past two years over al-Fashqa, a stretch of fertile land claimed by both sides. The neighbors are also at odds over Ethiopia’s plan for the unilateral filling and operation of a massive hydropower dam on a Nile River tributary that’s key to Sudan and Egypt’s water supplies.

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