(Bloomberg) -- Hey, it’s Tim. This year’s digital-asset rout has wiped out $2 trillion in wealth. It’s collapsed companies, challenged the crypto faithful, and rearranged the industry’s constellations of power. 

But does that mean it’s time to “buidl?” The mangled word is an offshoot of crypto’s buy-and-hold mentality, only this time it’s a rallying cry for construction and contributions.       

After all, Disney came of age during the Great Depression, and Airbnb was built in the wake of the housing crisis. 

So where are the opportunities now that the so-called “froth” has been taken out of the market? Where are VCs investing their money? And how will regulators treat new digital assets? Those are some of the questions that Katie Greifeld and I explore in Ep. 2 of the new Bloomberg Quicktake series, “Crypto IRL”. We turn to our in-house expert, stacy-marie ishmael, Bloomberg’s managing editor for crypto, and go deep with Nic Carter, founding partner at the crypto VC firm Castle Island Ventures. 

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