(Bloomberg) -- In the Bavarian castle where Group of Seven leaders are discussing how to tackle global problems including climate change, a cozy fire was lit to recreate the quaint charms of the mountain retreat.

It makes for a picturesque backdrop. But burning wood, never mind in the sweltering heat of summer, causes air pollution. While a small detail it’s a telling one, that speaks to perceptions that politicians might talk a big game on the environment but don’t always lead by example.

Heat waves are getting longer and hotter and that was certainly on display for leaders at Germany’s Schloss Elmau, where they are meeting for the better part of three days. 

As they sat down at the round table to get down to business on Sunday with temperatures soaring near 30 degrees celsius (86 degrees fahrenheit), there were on-camera jokes about whether they should keep their jackets on. The UK’s Boris Johnson went so far as to quip whether they should take off their clothes. On Monday, several leaders opted to remove their jackets at the meeting table, with Johnson also rolling up his shirtsleeves.

A call to the hotel reception confirmed it was indeed local lumber being thrown into the fireplace in the restaurant where the delegations are mingling.




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