(Bloomberg) -- Brazil’s presidential election front-runners spent the weekend ahead of the Oct. 2 vote at several events throughout the country’s main states, as they try to convince the still-undecided. 

President Jair Bolsonaro drove through the capital Brasilia on a motorbike Sunday, after spending the previous day campaigning in one of Sao Paulo’s biggest cities and participating in a televised debate. He held a live event on his social network Sunday evening, after local media said the electoral court prohibits him from conducting such events at his presidential residence. 

Bolsonaro, speaking from an undisclosed location, asked supporters to choose his candidates for governor and Congress, as he highlighted lower gasoline prices. A spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for details on where the event was held. 

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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva held a rally in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday and was scheduled to speak with social media influencers, one day after holding rallies in Sao Paulo’s capital. Speaking to a large crowd, he confirmed his appearance on a televised debate scheduled for next Thursday and called his supporters to convince the still-undecided. 

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“He brought prosperity to the nation before, and I’m certain he can do it again,” said Tulio Fiuza, 46, a public servant that participated in Saturday’s rally at a samba school in Rio’s industrial north side. 

Brazilians head to the polls next Sunday with the economy as one of their main concerns. Voters say they are more optimistic about the months ahead amid easing inflationary pressures and stronger-than-expected growth. The most recent Datafolha poll shows Lula leading the race with 47% of the votes while incumbent Bolsonaro holds 33%. 

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