(Bloomberg) -- Bermuda is working to restore public services that were halted after last week’s “sophisticated and deliberate” cyberattack on its government systems, the island’s premier, E. David Burt, said on Monday.

Authorities are investigating who is behind the attack, and the perpetrators were “most likely from Russia,” Burt said in a press conference last week. He declined to share further details on the investigation, citing national security.

“The restoration effort is fully underway, and we are working on putting out a timeline that persons can follow that will be used to get our systems back online safely,” he said. 

The breach happened on Wednesday evening, and was spotted by officers on Thursday morning. The Bermuda police and the government’s Department of Information and Digital Technologies attempted to isolate the point of intrusion and shut it down, but were forced to disable all devices connected to the network, then take the network down itself, Burt explained.

Transportation, educational and hospital services are operating without interruption.  

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