(Bloomberg) -- Greek authorities put Athens and its surrounding region on red alert for the risk of wildfires on Friday, as new blazes erupted near the capital this afternoon.

Firefighters deployed aircraft on Thursday to contain fires in Varimpompi and Menidi, less than 25 kilometers (16 miles) from Athens. Police closed a number of roads in an area that’s close to Mount Parnitha — which suffered last year from severe wildfires — before the blaze was brought under control.

Athens was put under the highest alert after wildfires flared across Greece this week, forcing evacuations on some islands and destroying businesses and houses. Strong winds and temperatures as high as 41C (106F) over the coming days are further compounding the risks after a dry period. Today, authorities called on people to evacuate Dardiza, a Peloponnese beach resort.

This May marked the 12th-consecutive month of record-breaking average temperatures for the planet, leaving Europe and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere bracing for another summer of extreme weather events. Last year, wildfires scorched about 1.3% of Greece’s land area, forcing mass evacuations and threatening the livelihoods of locals who depend on tourists.

Four Greek regions are on very high alert for wildfires on Friday. 

--With assistance from Gina Turner and Eamon Akil Farhat.

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